Waldorf String Band for British Traditional Folk & Celtic Music.  Established 1987


Nippy came to South Africa in 1968 from what was then ‘Northern Rhodesia' and within two years was playing full time in MUSIC CORPORATION.

In 1972 he worked with MUTTE LANGE, STEVIE VAN KERKEN and ALAN GOLDSWAIN in the hugely popular HOCUS, recording the hits ‘He' and ‘River Roll'. During 1973 Nippy widened his music interest and joined the SABC National Symphony Orchestra. Thereafter  he performed with ‘GATE' (along with Alistair Coakley), ‘SCANDAL', ‘SWEET CHOCOLATE', ‘SWEET RIDE', ‘ROOTS' (they were the resident band on Late Night Live SABC TV), ‘CHEVY', ‘SOUL PURPOSE' , ‘SLIP JIG'' and then from the mid 90's with ‘WALDORF STRING BAND '.

Some of the most memorable highlights of Nippy's career were the enormous success with HOCUS; performing alongside CLIFF RICHARD with MUSIC CORPORATION; and in 2002 playing bass for PAVAROTTI, DOMINGO, CARRERAS on the THREE TENORS CONCERT in Pretoria.


PO Box 652039, Benmore, 2010,  Gauteng, South Africa. Cell +27 (0)82 452 1100. [email protected]